Luxury Oven Cleaning from Featherby & Moore in Spelthorne TN23

Of all household tasks this is the one that consistently tops the lists of most hated jobs. That’s not really surprising, when tackled by a householder, it involves scrubbing, kneeling, and hours of bending over. It’s a time consuming task too. Turn over the tedious, grubby chore of oven cleaning to Featherby & Moore in Spelthorne. Oven cleaning is a task that we can almost certainly do for you, better than you can do it yourself!

We’re professional cleaners, so we invest in equipment that would be uneconomic for most householders. In the case of our Spelthorne oven cleaning services, as in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, this makes a real difference in the quality of the outcome. Our oven cleaning service reaches parts of your oven that domestic cleaning can’t.

What You’ll Get From A TN23 Featherby & Moore Oven Cleaner

Expect to see your Spelthorne oven in pieces! Don’t panic, we do this all the time. Your oven will be cleaned in a dip-tank. The specialist detergents we use will loosen baked on grease. Whilst your oven is dismantled we can replace any faulty parts or burnt out light-bulbs. On request we’ll even replace filters. This service can be customised to your needs so just tell our technicians exactly what you’d like done.

See our customer feedback from other Spelthorne clients to judge the standard of the work we offer, For you’re convenience here’s a quick reminder of the advantages we bring.

  • A free energy efficiency inspection of your oven is included in the service
  • Replacement of faulty parts, filters and light-bulbs upon request
  • Our dip-tank system will clean all of your cooker, not just the bits that are easy to get to
  • Our high-grade detergents are child and pet friendly and offer hygienic cleaning
  • On request we can clean other kitchen appliances alongside your cooker

Book Your Spelthorne Oven Cleaning Today

Call us 24/7 on 02037466462 to discuss your Spelthorne oven cleaning job. You can ask one of our customer care employees to arrange for your free quote. Of course, you can also use this number to make an immediate booking.

You can make a quick enquiry about any aspect of our Spelthorne work any time you’re on the site by typing into our chat box. This will start a live conversation with one of our office staff. Alternatively, if you’d like us to call you just fill in our contact form and we’ll phone at a time that you’ve indicated is convenient to you.